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Sorority recruitment is the process by which potential new members go through recruitment (formally known as "rush") in order to join a sorority. Sororities are a group of collegiate women bound together by a commitment of friendship, scholarship, leadership, and service.  


Sororities have many things they offer such as academic support network, philanthropy and service opportunities, and professional networks after graduation. By going Greek you will become part of a long-standing tradition and make your mark on your college campus.

Recruitment practices vary from campus to campus. You should attend any recruitment information sessions, if they are available, or visit the Panhellenic office on your campus to find out the specifics of how your campus' recruitment process is set up. For more general information about recruitment, please visit the NPC TheSororityLife website

Want to know more about what to expect?  Check out our Joining a Sorority page to learn more!

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