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Joining a sorority requires that Potential New Members (PNM) go through a process called recruitment (formally called "rush").


Recruitment is a mutual selection process meaning the PNM will select the chapters they would like to continue meeting after each round, and the sorority chapters will narrow down the PNMs they would like to invite back for each round.  PNM's choices will narrow down each round until the end of the recruitment process and a final selection is made.  

Things to Remember!

  • Do not make up your mind about joining any sorority until you have met its active chapter members. 

  • You are not joining a ‘name’ but are choosing a closely knit group in which you expect to make lasting friendships. 

  • Get to know the variety of sorority girls waiting to meet you. 

  • Go with curiosity, friendliness, and confidence in your own uniqueness. 

  • Go with an open mind. 

  • Above all, be yourself, relax, and have fun! 

  • If you decide you like what you see and want to JOIN, then do it! 

  • Participation in recruitment REQUIRES registering with your University's Panhellenic - registering with PRAP does NOT fulfill this requirement

We hope you Enjoy the Experience!

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