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Sororities look for potential new members to have:

SCHOLASTIC ABILITY:  Each sorority strives to maintain a high chapter grade point average so each member must adhere to its scholastic standards.  Generally, sororities look at High School GPA for its new members.  Check your Campus Panhellenic for specific GPA requirements.


COMPATIBILITY:  Sororities are based on friendship, congeniality and mutual ideals. Members are looking for girls they want to be friends with.  And these friendships will last a LIFETIME!


INTEREST IN INVOLVEMENT:  Sororities look for new members to have been involved in high school activities.  The list need not be long if there is indication that she has been an active participant versus a “joiner”.  Get Involved – and Stay Involved!


FINANCIAL RESPONSIBILITY:  Sororities are financed by the dues of the members. Girls and Parents need to be aware of the cost and able to accept this financial commitment. Costs vary by sorority and by university.  Contact the university’s Panhellenic office for more specific information.

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