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  • Information must be delivered to alumna on or before the sorority specific deadline in order for them to have the time necessary to complete the Recruitment Information Form ("RIF") in a timely manner.                                                  

  • Begin asking the women you know if they are sorority members. If they were a member of a sorority which is located on your University's campus, they can write a RIF for you; they do not have to have gone to your same University.  She will use the form provided by her sorority. Talk to friends who have gone through recruitment, and find out who wrote their RIF, particularly if you are having difficulty finding specific alumnae contacts among your circle of friends and family.  If you exhaust your resources, then that is when you will contact the Area Recruitment Chairs on the listing made available to you upon confirmation of your PRAP registration is submitted.  If you do not know the woman writing your RIF, she may ask you to hand deliver the information.  This allows her an opportunity to talk with you for a few minutes and include more personal information on her form.  Please ask each alumna writing a RIF for you if she would like you to secure additional letters of support.  The requirement of letters of support varies by sorority and campus; most no longer ask for them. When you deliver your packet of information to each alumna, it also is a good idea to paperclip, not attach, postage if she has indicated to you that she will be forwarding any hard copies regular mail.  Most sororities are moving to electronic submissions only, but some will still accept (and prefer) hard copies.

  • Your information will be sent to each sorority by the RIF writer. The following should be provided to your RIF writer: social resume, high school transcript, ACT and/or SAT test scores, and photos.  A jump drive that includes an electronic copy of your documents and photos also is recommended, as many sororities now offer online options for the submission of references.

  • Prepare your social resume. Please find more information on a social resume by clicking this link.

  • Prepare the information needed (either in hard copy or electronic as specified) for each sorority. DO NOT spend time and money making your folders look cute. It offers zero benefit to the PNM, and most will be thrown away by the RIF writer.

  • As soon as you have everything together, deliver it to each of your RIF writers.  While "thank you” notes to them are always appreciated and expected, PRAP and NPC discourage gifts of any size.

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